Metro Update

As detailed in the Chatswood Monthly Update – October 2017 (see attached), works are required to relocate existing underground power and telecommunications lines.

These works are expected to start within the Chatswood dive site on Monday 16 October 2017, weather permitting. Works within the site will be done Monday to Friday between 7am and 6pm and Saturday between 8am and 1pm.

Works will involve:

  • Removing trees using chainsaws and mulchers
  • Removing existing concrete slabs involving hammering
  • Excavating, backfilling and compacting trenches
  • Installing communication and power cables
  • Temporarily reinstating the excavated work areas involving compacting

Some of these activities will be noisy, particularly removing concrete slabs with a hammer and reinstating the work area using a compactor. The project team will limit these impacts wherever possible.

Works to relocate the utility services will start on roads and footpaths surrounding the site in the coming weeks. Further updates, including information about out-of-hours works, will be provided as the works progress.

For more information, enquiries or complaints please contact us at 1800 171 386 or

Kind regards,

Kylie Brosnan

Community Place Manager – Chatswood

John Holland CPB Ghella JV

Sydney Metro City & Southwest


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