From Council Report

Planning panelWilloughby Council is in the process of establishing Local Planning Panels (formerly know as Independent Hearing and Assessment Panels). The panels will determine larger Development Applications (removing Councilors from the process).

That Council:

1. Note the appointment by the Minister of Abigail Goldberg as the Chair and
Garry West and Penny Holloway as Alternate Chairs for the Willoughby Local
Planning Panel;

2. Note the selection and ratify the appointment of Philippa Hayes, Robert Wilson,
Emma Brown and Robert Freestone as the Community Representatives for the
Willoughby Local Planning Panel;

3. Note the update on the process for selection of Expert Members for the
Willoughby Local Planning Panel;

4. Delegate authority to the General Manager to complete the process of
selection and appointment of the Expert Members and Alternate Members to
the Willoughby Local Planning Panel with the advice from the selection
committee which is to include the Mayor, the Planning and Infrastructure
Director and the Planning Manager and notify Council prior to the first meeting
of the Willoughby Local Planning Panel;

The community representative for West Ward is:

Ms Emma Booth (West)
Ms Booth has resided in West Chatswood for a number of years and has developed
close local associations through her children’s childcare and schooling, as well as
through her parents who also reside in Chatswood. Ms Booth has planning and
urban design qualifications and is currently employed as a strategic planner at
North Sydney Council.



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