Street Parking Changes Proposed

Parking Meter

Willoughby Council is proposing to embark on major revenue raising introducing scores of addition parking meters in residential areas.

The focus for new parking meter areas are ‘transport nodes’. If you live within 15-20 minutes walk of a bus stop or train station expect to see parking meters in you street. If you live within another 15 minutes expect to see commuter’s cars in your street.

Where meters are installed it is also likely that the area will become a Residential Permit Parking Area. However, this will have the effect of forcing commuters to park in un-metered areas in nearby residential areas. Pretty soon, the whole of Willoughby’s streets become one giant carpark.

A sad thing about Council’s study is that it is myopic. It’s focus was singularly on ‘Street Parking”. For years, residents have been advocating for a commuter car park with Willoughby, serviced (if needed) by a shuttle bus. NO ALTERNATIVES TO RESIDENTIAL STREET PARKING HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED BY COUNCIL. It is time that Council starts taking a strategic approach when considering complex matters.

There is a suggestion by Council that revenue from parking meters will be used for sustainable transport initiatives. However, Council’s record on how it uses meter revenue is abysmal. Basically, revenue has gone into general purpose funds.

There is also talk of using innovative methods of payment instead of the dreaded parking meter. However, there seems to be no known alternatives to meters.

Another proposal is to create more Resident Parking Scheme areas and to issue 3 (rather than the current 2) Resident Stickers. However, this is contrary to RMS policy.

The current proposals for parking in Willoughby are most disappointing. Years of hopes and promises have been dashed in favour of a revenue-centric scheme. Perhaps this is something you might wish to raise with aspiring Mayoral candidates.



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