Community Fire Units

cfuThere is a CFU regional training session on the 7th April 2014. There have been dramatic changes in administrative Rescue and Fire staff running the CFU  organisation, which now has several hundred units.
We have asked to see if the organisation could release to us, or the public generally, the new map of fire risk assessments for every lot in Willoughby. The map was prepared by Macquarie University, paid by a worldwide consortium of fire reinsurers, as part of a worldwide program. I believe Willoughby Council is the only Lane Cove Valley Council that has not released its local map. Willoughby’s current map of bushfire prone land is based on 100 metres from the bush edge, (set by a Minister during a Christmas Day bushfire) . Macquarie used satellite photos augmented by the complete insurance  fire histories of each lot. The increased risk area in West Ward includes ridgetops and the upper reaches of the creeks.

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