Traffic Issues

LightsJokeClr. Saville has advised as follows: I can assure you that the  consultants Traffic report re the Coolaroo, Greenfields, Dalrymple precinct has been finalised.

The consultants have submitted the completed copy to council. While I do not have a copy I have seen it, but not had time to read it as yet.

Paul Collings hopes to bring the report to the Traffic and Access committee  Monday 1st September.

Keep an eye on the Agenda which will be on councils website.


4 thoughts on “Traffic Issues

  1. Dear Petitioners
    The Beaconsfield Lights were installed 12 months ago now. The Fix The Lights Petition was submitted to the Council and our elected council representatives 3 months later in early December 2013. Unfortunately council progress on the issue has been slow.

    As many of our petitioners will recall, one of the major delays to getting some positive outcomes on this issue occurred when Council decided not to make the immediate changes demanded by our 180+ West Ward petitioners, but instead engaged some consultants to conduct a broader study of traffic of the area (note: well after the lights were installed).

    The scope of the study sounds like it is broader than the impacts of the Beaconsfield Lights restrictions in that it is linked to broader Mowbray traffic and development issues, but is to include an assessment of traffic in the local streets of Beaconsfield / Dalrymple / Coolaroo / Greenfield & surrounds, including the impacts of the Beaconsfield Lights configuration on these streets.

    In the spirit of keeping petitioners up to date, the consultant’s report was originally expected in April/May but has been delayed since then for specific reasons not currently known. Over the past few months we have been following up with James Brocklebank (Group Leader, Traffic & Transport, Willoughby Council) and Lynne Saville (West Ward Councillor) to find out the status of the report and to seek a copy and their latest replies are pasted below.

    It appears that the release of the report may be imminent and there is intended to be some council review of it in 2-3 weeks time at the Traffic & Access committee. I would encourage you to keep an eye on the agenda/minutes of council’s general meetings here and Transport/Traffic Committee meetings here.

    I believe the release of the report will be followed by a period of public consultation on its findings. I will share the report with petitioners as soon as we are able to obtain a copy.

    Thanks again for your support.

    Fix The Lights Petition

  2. Thanks for the update….I wish I could see some benefits in these lights! After a year, all I can see is more traffic sitting on Mowbray going east, more traffic in local streets and more difficult to get around including getting to Lane Cove.

    I now use more smaller local streets than ever before along with a lot of other people. In the mornings, I often cannot get out of our driveway on Dalrymple due to all the through traffic.

    It was fine the way it was! Why can’t sensible educated people sometimes recognise that if it isn’t broken, don’t try and fix it! Spend the funds on more useful projects that benefit all the community. The pending report is likely to say all is OK and just leave the lights now.

    Hopefully, someone will see sense and take the lights out.

  3. Thank you for the update. I do query the process of examination and consultation conducted by the consultant. To date, this household has not been approached or even had a survey letter dropped in our mail box for us to submit comments. What sort of process has actually occurred?

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